Mini-Post: The Hardest Puzzle Ever

Over the weekend, Luna, Basil, Morike, and I decided to go down to Chicago to the Field Museum for Genghis Khan-y goodness. A late night Walmart run was involved. There, I obtained this puzzle:



It seems easy enough. Only 100 pieces. But it’s holographic.And, as you can see, mostly black and grey. It took for freaking ever with all four of us working on it. Then there was one piece of the darkness left. But it was the wrong one. So we sat there swapping in and out pieces of dark, looking for the one that was a slightly greenish dark grey instead of the blueish light black.

It was difficult, but time well spent.

P.S. Yes, that is a Batman puzzle on top of two volumes of “Y: the Last Man.”

P.P.S. I also have a Thor one. It’s a lot easier because people in that universe believe in color.


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