Morike Recommends Anime

Dudes! It’s been, what, a year? I should get better at writing for this blog. My inattentiveness aside, I’m here to recommend some anime. Buckle up, readers, because no where in this post will you see the words Fullmetal Alchemist again. All links take you to the show’s page on their respective streaming sites.


We’ll start with one that currently airing in Japan. Norigami is about a god who does miscellaneous errands for humans for 5 yen a piece. He’s saving up enough for a shrine in the middle of the city where he can be pampered by acolyte spirits. It’s hilarious, beautifully animated, and available for streaming at

No. 6

This one has been out for a year or more. I consider it a well-executed dystopian love story even though there are a few holes in the plot (I understand the white hair, just not the pink spiral thing). Not much to say about this, but that’s all it needs. Watch this one on

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East

The plot for this one is complicated. Most of the story encompasses dudes who have been touched by spirits in some way and the magnificent thing that is supposed to happen when they’re finally reunited. I love the creepy black eyeball; it serves no purpose. Catch it on

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

In order to be a magical girl to protect humanity from witches, Madoka has to make a wish. But she is faced with a question that would be hard for anyone to answer: what do you want so much you’d die for it? Like you’ve probably heard, it knocks standard magical girl tropes on their heads. And the only annoying fanservice moment is in the opening credits, which I always skip after episode 3 or so. Watch the whole thing on

Zeta Gundam

Gundam is its own genre. We have a teenaged main character with an indirect link to the local military base making the latest mobile suits that will inevitably be stolen in the first two episodes. What sets this one apart from the rest? Our main character has a spunk. Who the hell steals a gundam to get petty revenge? I was able to see the first several episodes on

The Devil is a Part-timer

Few things are more hilarious than the drop from evil warlord to perky service worker. Just before the Devil is about to take over the world, a hero strikes him down, sending him to through a dimensional gate to modern-day Tokyo. Magicless and poor, the Devil takes a part-time job at MgRonald’s to make ends meet until he can figure out a way back to his dimension. Watch the entire show at


2 responses to “Morike Recommends Anime

  1. So, I take it you are also a Madoka fan. One of my Chicago friends has been telling me to finish watching it, as she was only able to get me to watch the first couple episodes before studying called to me. It’s a good time, though?

    • Indeed it is a good time. And the finale is incredible. I hear people crying over how it all ends, but considering the tone of the show and the direction the characters were going, it seemed inevitable. To me at least. Totes finish it so I can talk to someone about it!

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