Proof Morike is a Hipster

I was talking with a friend the other day who tried to talk at length about The Walking Dead, to which I told him I did not watch it. He then proceeded to interrogate me as to WHY I did not watch The Walking Dead because it’s amazing and features zombies and some really badass women and so on and so forth. To which I told him my opinion of the first few episodes (“Manpain” which will be explained later) and he tried to assure me that my opinion should be otherwise. I mentioned being turned off by the hype, to which he called me a hipster.

This made me think that I should write a blog post about the other reasons I could be considered a hipster. So here is a proof giving you evidence that I am indeed a hipster on multiple levels but mostly relating to popular television. Or maybe I will prove that I am NOT a hipster. You decide (then say so in the comments).

Breaking Bad

I saw the first half of the first episode. It wasn’t very engaging in my opinion, and I hear the first season walks at a similar pace. Based on some commentary I’ve listened to, from a podcast and people’s discussions, the show mostly explores the morality of one Walter as he builds his meth empire. Honestly, I’m not very interested in that kind of story. I’m sure it does get super dramatic and there’s awesome character arcs and all that. I’m just not interested.


I was in college when this got huge. While I was interested in watching it at the time, I did not have a place where I could watch it to catch up. And then it ended and everyone complained about their questions not being answered and my interest fizzled out after that. Not immediately, mind you. I was a senior before I realized that I meant to watch LOST and never got around to it. And now LOST is not a high priority for me.

Game of Thrones

I don’t know where this hype came from. I am intrigued, but I do not want to invest in the waiting. I don’t want to wait for the next episode or the next season (or even the next book). So when the television series finally comes to an end, then I will watch it. By that time, it’ll probably be on Netflix steaming anyway.

The Walking Dead

I previously mentioned that I saw the first several episodes of this. My initial opinion is that it seems misogynistic. There’s a bigger focus on the male characters and their angst (previously mentioned “manpain”) and the women have to put up with a lot of shit from them. I told my friend I was not a fan of the scene where the woman got beat by her husband while doing laundry, and he said she gets so much more badass. Thinking about that, I have to ask, Why does the woman have to suffer from domestic violence in the first place? Why can’t she be awesome by default? Is there not a lady character in this show that does that (that appears early in the show’s life)?

And then my brothers keep pushing it on me, which helps their cause not at all. You are free to spoil this show for me. I really don’t care.

The Hunger Games series

This is a case of the “I was into it before it went mainstream.” Because I was. As a freshman in college, Stephenie Meyer wrote on her website that she picked up this one book and could not put it down, going so far as to read it in restaurants with her family. The book was The Hunger Games. So I got it and read it and fell immediately in love. I missed the release of the second book, but I was there for the midnight release of Mockingjay. Sadly, I have only read the final two books once, each when they were initially released. And then they made the movies and now I’m still super excited for them. No, my excitement did not die down with the mainstream media catching wind of it. I’m actually pretty psyched my brothers like something with a female lead. That’s actually something I would not expect from them.


I worked as a barista for the better part of a year. Going into the job, I did not drink coffee. I tried coffee while working on the job, and I still don’t drink coffee coming out of it. I will probably try a sip of your coffee once in a while, just to see if I’ll like it this time around. Chances are I won’t.

Please do not try to force it down my throat. This goes with any of the above shows mentioned (minus the Hunger Games series). I am less and less likely to try something if someone pushes it on me. If you want me to try something, let me come into it on my own (i.e. my attitude with Game of Thrones). It’s the best way to do things.


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