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We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Dame Uta is in the throes of writing her thesis for university, Basil is adapting to a new team at work, and I (Morike) just moved for a brand new job.


Your regularly scheduled essays will resume in April. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sorry, bros

Hey internet. I was supposed to get another post going for you guys. This last week was the last of my academic quarter and poor time management led to me only getting to sleep for a couple hours. I was going to talk to you guys about this documentary on Mes Aynak, an archaeological site in Afghanistan, but I’m still pretty out of it. Instead, I’m just going to reccommed that you have take a listen to NPR’s recent podcast on documentaries. Enjoy!

Mecha Marathon – Gargantia on the Verduous Planet

In the retreat of a failed battle campaign against an alien enemy, Ensign Ledo of the Galactic Alliance is separated from his company and sent through a wormhole. He wakes up six months later on Gargantia, a city on Earth made from a series of interlocking ships. Cut off from everything he’s ever known, Ledo starts a life on Gargantia but assimilation proves difficult when you can barely speak the language. Spoilers onward.


screenshot from the opening sequence

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