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the weather is just a metaphor for my feelings

So for this introductory post to me, Lieutenant Basil Alpacattack Esq. (Basil for short), sometimes-coherent writer and mostly-incoherent ranter, I put a lot of serious thought into what I should spend my precious once-in-a-lifetime-intro post waxing on about. And by that I mean I panicked and dithered about for a good few hours trying to scrounge up a topic before finally settling on writing about:

the weather.

I mean, that’s what you do when you meet new people, right? Shuffle awkwardly from foot to foot as you try to think of something interesting to talk about before finally uttering some inane comment about the clouds. I feel as though this is a fairly good representation of me anyway. If you want to know about me, just think of me as the kind of girl who likes to talk about the weather.

But wait! Before you doze off in boredom and hit the back-button with your forehead, I’d like to mention that here the weather stuff is mostly just a way for me to try and talk about why conflict sometimes pops up among geeks, even when they’re geeking out over the same thing. …continue reading here for thoughts on weather, camping, things geekery, and a way longer post than I had originally intended writing