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Mini Post: Luna Tries to Plan Ahead

I’ve been meaning to make a timeline of TV shows and movies I’m interested in seeing for a while now. Since we’re experiencing issues with today’s post, I thought I’d post what I have as a bonus. Everyone from Potted Lid, feel free to edit in anything you’re interested in as well. And any readers should feel free to add their own suggestions in the comments. Televisions shows will be italicized for the sake of convenience.


Guys with Kids                                                         September 12th (Basil)
Revolution                                                                 September 17th (Basil) (Morike)
Parks and Recreation                                           September 20th (Basil)
Fringe                                                                           September 28th (Basil) (Morike)           Elementary                                                                September 27th                                   Young Justice (new episodes)                            September 29th (w00t! – Morike)         Arrow                                                                           October  10                                                   Wreck-It Ralph                                                        November 2 (YES! – Morike)
The Hobbit                                                                 December 14 (YES! – Morike)
Les Miserables                                                          December 14 (S’MORE YES! -Morike)


Legend of Korra (season 2)                                 TBA
Sailor Moon (new series)                                      TBA (summer)
Beautiful Creatures                                                 February 13 (Basil)
Iron Man 3                                                                  May 3
The Great Gatsby                                                     June
Man of Steel                                                                June 14
Thor: The Dark World                                           November 08
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire                    November 22
(All 2013 things have been approved by Morike. Because, dude guys, that’s all awesome and stuff)


Maleficent                                                                     March 14 (<– Morike needz that trailer yesterday)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier               April 4
The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part 1              November 21


Avengers 2                                                                     May 1
The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part 2              November 20